Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Class next week, Wed 17 August

Hello all,

Thanks very much for your attendance and open mindedness in today's session. It's a big jump from reading philosophy on "place" one week to looking at effluent the next! We probably need to spend a little bit f time next week stitching these things together.

As you know we have had to delay the field trip until after mid semester break. I had suggested that next week (week 5) we would return to our usual class format, discussing the readings that we are yet to get to. However I have now realised that we WILL NOT have a formal class session in week week 6 as academic staff in the Tertiary Education Union will be on a one day strike. This includes me. (For further info on strike action please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0kfcmUGHTk I expect that the university will also publish information for students via the web page).

Therefore I think its really important that we move your seminars forward so that you can work out if you are on track prior to the mid semester break. So be prepared next week to use 10 –15 mins of class time outlining your water mapping project. Look at the assignment in the course reader for a guide to what you should be talking about and showing. (Alex and Sally, I know that you will be missing this class, please email me to make a time for us three to meet separately.)

Next week we can also work out what you would all like to do in my absence for week 6. There are some options that I can put to you.

Ka kite

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