Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Class next week, Wed 10 August

To confirm, the seminar class next week will take place in Building 110, the Thomas Building. This is at 3 Symonds Street, it is the concrete building over the road form the Music School. The entrance to the Thomas Building is on the old Government house side, the side facing away from Symonds Street.

We will meet in the Thomas Building foyer at 9:50. Clark Ehlers will then take us to the lecture room so YOU CANNOT BE LATE, or you will be lost and left behind . . .

The programme for the morning is:

Kiely McFarlane, PhD student in Geography
This presentation will draw on an understanding of the physical geography of New Zealand rivers, based on courses taught within the School of Environment, as well the experiences of Gary and his students with rivers (and river communities) in the Auckland region. It seeks to build an appreciation of the diversity and uniqueness of river ecosystems in Auckland and wider New Zealand. The conflicts that have arisen around these landscapes and the community level response to river degradation will be explored.

Dr Clark Ehlers, Centre for Microbial Innovation, School of Biological Sciences
Wastewater treatment processes and how it interconnects with other water bodies & different scales of operation

Clark will take us to his lab where we will have a basic water microbiology lab (mostly around microscopy work looking at stream biofilms, sludge samples, petri dishes etc).

See you all there

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