Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello all,

thanks for your work today. Although the exhibition is a bit partial at present it is begining to interest passers-by.

So from here on . .

The exhibition:

I have checked the Traction of Drawing Symposium timetable (http://intersticesjournal.wordpress.com/) and Saturady is the big day, beginning at 9:00am. It is then only a half day on the Sunday.

So I propose that we go ahead as planned:

  • have it all up and running on Saturday 14 November at 10:00
  • have the opening from 10:30 - 11:30 when they are having the cup of tea at the symposium
  • close it at 6pm, when the last address is on.
  • open again at 10:00 on Sunday 15 November, close at 12:00
Would anyone like to volunteer to design a cool email flier?

We need to make a roster for the Sat and Sunday, I will email you all later with this.

In the meantime please complete your work, send me any info about how to access your project online and Xiao Li please find out about internet access.

The blogs:

I will do the final assessment of your blogs on Tuesday 17 November.



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