Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ViRaCoP 2009 Introduction

ARCH GEN 710: Visualising Research and Communicating Places: Overview

Aim: The intention of this course is to engage students in a critical discussion and experience of ‘mapping’, as used in contemporary architectural and urban design methodologies for the visual representation of data in relation specific places. In 2009 the course will focus on the Auckland region

Learning Outcomes:
  • On the successful completion of this course students will–
  • Be able to discuss WHY new forms of notation are emerging in architectural/urban design contexts
  • Be able to discuss WHAT place is, through differing disciplinary lenses, and to engage with the cross-disciplinary nature of such discussions.
  • Have gained an awareness of HOW various forms of research and visual information design can be used to convey particular agendas or points of view.
  • Be able to procure data, analyse this material and represent it visually in contemporary forms.
  • Have publicly exhibited their work
  • Have critically reflected on work produced by self and peers in course

Course Content:
Contemporary techniques of visual and spatial research, with particular references to the paradigms of the map and diagram. ‘Place’ as conceptualised in different disciplines; with specific reference to architecture, urbanism, philosophy and geography.

Modes of learning:
The course will provide authentic contexts and activities that reflect the way such knowledge would be used in real life.
It will provide access to experts in the field, will support collaborative investigation and construction of knowledge and will promote reflection and articulation through the following:
  • Readings and discussion, (a course reader is provided)
  • Collaborative project research
  • Peer to peer analysis and critique
  • Blogging, promoting self-broadcasting –reflection and articulation
  • Course blog (facilitating exchange and interaction, address
  • Visiting critics and guests

Each student will produce a series of maps/diagrams with data from the Auckland region. These will be critically analysed and publicly exhibited. See assignments for assessment criteria and marking breakdown.

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