Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Online critic

Hi there,

I have been invited by Kathy to act as an online critic for your mapping
projects and I am looking forward to seeing the work and images from your
exhibition. I am hoping to be able to give some helpful feedback on the
projects and in order for me to do that, please try to use you
blog/sketchbooks in a way that will clearly communicate your ideas to
someone (ie/ me) who can't be at the exhibition to get a tangible
understanding of the works.
So to help me, I would ask that everyone post a brief statement to their
blog, focusing on the ideas of mapping you were engaging with and how your
work then communicates something about a specific aspect of auckland, or
part of auckland. I am really interested in how the mappings you produce
offer new ways of understanding and thinking about the environment. How and
what does the work communicate about place?

A little bit about me:
I graduated in architecture from the university of auckland in 2004. Since
then I have been operating as a lecturer, architect and practising artist,
showing work around New Zealand, in Australia and in the U.K. I am
currently based in Edinburgh where I am studying towards my MFA in a
programme called Art, Space, Nature at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Its in need a bit of updating, but my website is: www.make-do.net

Look forward to ~meeting you all soon,


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